Artist Statement

For me the making of a print is an instinctive, meditative process. It is a mysterious unfolding of images. Each image has its own energy and possibilities. And yet, each image gives its permission for the next one to appear. Printmaking is a joyful balance between absolute spontaneity and control, between chaos and order and between form and formlessness. With an open mind and heart the dialogues between paper, thread and ink are endless.


Solo Shows

*Places and Things

March 2015, Napa County Library, Napa

*Circle Songs

March 2011, O’Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley


Group Shows

*Alchemy & Stitches

December 2016, Finley Center, Santa Rosa


April, 2012, San Pablo Art Gallery, San Pablo


Juried Shows

*Bay Area Women Artists

August 2012 and August 2013, Juried by Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray

*Black & White and Shades of Gray

February 2015, Juried by Barry Peterson

*Art of the Spirit, Juried by Anthony Lawlor

December, 2014